High-Qaulity Music CD Mastering in Chicago



Composition and Production

Hello, my name is Slava and I am the composer/producer/engineer/musician for Knightly Productions. I spent 8 years learning music theory and composition while studying jazz guitar. Although guitar is my main instrument I also play bass, drums, piano and accordion. In the past several years I decided to try and apply the knowledge I gained from playing jazz to other genres of music through production and composition. These days I try to listen to and work on as wide a variety of musical styles as possible: Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Soul, Electronica, Latin, House, Electro and so on. But no matter what type of music I am working on I rely on the same fundamental principles which are, in my opinion are the foundation and essence of music. The main one of these is musical integrity--being honest with oneself and making honest music. This means going beyond the notes, sounds and formulaic structures that are only physical building blocks and infusing the music with personality and emotion by putting a piece of one's soul into the sound. Doing so isn't always easy, especially for work commissioned and constrained by someone else. However for me it is always an exciting challenge to try to express myself honestly under a new set of constraints. This is why I enjoy collaborating with other musicians and working on a variety of projects.

No matter what your musical needs may be, I can assure you that I can help you out. I work with some of the best musicians in Chicago in order to provide the customers of Knightly Productions with the best possible aural experience.

If you have any further questions or if you want to discuss a specific project,
you can email me here: byslava@yahoo.com