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new live peices performed with a korg sampler

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Pop Terror ...she is:

 1. From Amsterdam to Paris
 2. In the Dungeon of Lust
 3. Soldier
 4. City Air
  5. Superman
 6. Burden
 7. In the Forest of Emotion
 8. November Snow
 9. Oaks and Pines
10. When the Sea...

total playing time: 47m.

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Slava Balasanov, Pop Terror’s founder and leader was born in Moscow, Russia in 1981. After the move to the US in 1993 he started playing guitar and by 1997 performed regularly with a free-jazz/rock group Hotbox the Space Shuttle (later to be renamed Gigantic Titanic Rides Again), sharing the stage with the Royal Space Force and the Neo-Futurists at the 2nd Annual Awkward Festival in the summer of 1998 and performing numerous shows on the campus of the University of Chicago. In the summer of 1999 Slava was invited to join Exoskeleton, a noise band featuring Weasel Walter (of the Flying Luttenbachers) on saxophone and performed with them at the Nervous Center and on a roof-top of some factory in south loop, opening for The Ruins. By 2000 however, Slava decided to dedicate his time to playing standard jazz. After attending numerous jam sessions and playing reception gigs, he went on to form Stas, a jazz quartet dedicated to performing original jazz compositions along with covers of contemporary pop tunes, performing at venues such as The Velvet Lounge, Hot House, Elbow Room and the Underground Lounge. In 2003, Slava became deeply interested in the art of music production and focused his energy on recording pop music. The result was the album “Pop Terror ...she is” (to be released on Heka Records in March of 2005), in which Slava utilizes his knowledge of musical theory acquired through jazz to compose songs in a variety of musical genres. The album, in essence, is a deconstruction of electronic pop (or indietronica as some may call it) into the musical styles that comprise or have influenced this genre of music. Because of the nature of this solo project, Slava has had to find new ways in which to approach live performance. This was achieved with the help of a Korg Electribe sampler, which is similar to a simple MPC but much more interactive in a live setting. In this manner Slava remixes many of the tracks from the “...she is” album live, and performs new compositions that feature guest musicians and vocalists. So far Slava has been a resident DJ at the “Dungeon of Lust” (an underground club on the west side of Chicago) and has performed at numerous parties throughout the city.









Coming Up:

Friday Febuary 24th 10pm
Pop Terror
+some DJs
Fundraiser for Americorps
Las Palmas 1835 North Ave
$5-$10 donation

Sunday Febuary 26th 9pm
Pop Terror
2011 North Ave

Sunday March 19th 9pm
Ark of Limbs
Pop Terror
2210 Chicago Ave

Past Shows:

Friday Febuary 3rd 9pm
Pop Terror (+ Dylan Ryan on drums)
Mason Dixon (video)
MORSELAND 1218 W Morse Ave
21+ $5

Sunday December 4th 9pm-2am
Pop Terror
Subterranean 2011 North Ave

Sat November 12th
Team Abuani Birthday
Live electronic music from
Phylum Sinter (Detroit)
11pm OAO
10pm Pop Terror
and DJ's

$7 includes 2 kegs and a cd comp
2139 N Milwaukee
This is a private event so if I don't personally know you please RSVP to danger@teamabunai.org

Friday November 25th 9pm-3am
Pop Terror
Morseland 1218 Morse

KINO: a multisensory experience
Friday, September 23rd
Live Improvised Electronic Music by:

Pop Terror
Clayton Counts
Live Video by:
Brian Evans
Sound Wave Junkies
Live Painting by:
Ann Heisler
Scott Holterhaus
Emily Cunningham
18+ : FREE : BYOB
2139 N Milwaukee Ave
(corner of Milwaukee and Rockwell)

Friday, Sept 2nd
Pop Terror
Grifty McGrift
Live on WNUR 89.3 FM

Monday, August 29th
Pop Terror

Ian Hicks
@Lava (859 N Damen)

Sun, July 31
12pm First Coat
11pm Twin Wrecks the Memory
10pm Pop Terror
Clayton Counts (dj)
@ Darkroom (2210 W Chicago Ave)

Sun, June 19th
Forgive Us Father: Fathers Day Celebration
12:30 The Winter Set
11:30 My Were They
10:30 Pop Terror
9:30  The Walkie-Talkies
@Darkroom (2210 W Chicago Ave)
$5 (fathers free)

Wed, June 22th
Synthetic Love Life

Samarah (live)
Pop Terror (live)
Mr Bobby & Rayeline of the Android Cult (dj)

@ Tini Martini (2169 N Milwaukee Ave)
$3 suggested donation

Wed, June 8th
Synthetic Love Life

Dance Party!
Dj Clayton and Pop Terror
@ Tini Martini (2169 N Milwaukee Ave)
$3 suggested donation

Wednesday May 25th
Ark of Limbs
10pm Kate Simko
9pm Pop Terror
@ Tini Martini (2169 N Milwaukee Ave)
$3 suggested donation

Wednesday May 11th
Phantom Power (Star People, My Were
Pop Terror
@ Tini Martini (2169 N Milwaukee Ave)
$3 donation

Monday, May 9th 21:30-02:00
Concur & m50 present: m@d

David Siska
Pop Terror (live)
@ Danny's
1951 W Dickens (at Damen)
Chicago, IL

Friday, May 6th
Time: 7-1.30 (Pop Terror goes on at 10.30)
Decima Musa
1901 South Loomis Street
Chicago, IL 60608

April 27th 9-2pm @ Tini Martini
Lee Foss
OAO (live) teamabunai.com
Pop Terror (live)
2169 N Milwaukee

April 13th 9-2pm @ Tini Martini
Yard (live)
Pop Terror (live)
2169 N Milwaukee